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Duties: Work on clinical trials data ranging from phase I/II/III for different therapeutic areas. Create datasets, tables, listings & figures for different submissions using SAS Enterprise guide 7.1, SAS Universal Viewer & SAS 9.2/9.4 software. Create SDTM & ADaM SAS datasets for different studies & validate them by double programming. Use various SAS/STAT procedures (Proc Anova, Glm, Logistic, Lifetest, etc) to create outputs for different analysis. Generate ISS (Integrated Summary of Safety), ISE (Integrated Summary of Efficacy) analysis datasets, tables for multiple clinical trials with wide usage of SAS/Base & Sas/Sql. Create/Modify macros to facilitate reporting using SAS/Macro facility. Generate summary reports for internal analysis such as UPAs (unusual pattern analysis) using Sas/Ods & Sas/Graph. Use Medical Coding Dictionaries like MedDRA & WHO Drug to create datasets & outputs for NDA submissions. Work on validation reports using Pinnacle 21 Community Validator. Computer Skills: Sas Enterprise Guide 7.1, Sas Universal Viewer, Sas 9.2/9.4, Pinnacle 21, Sas/Base, Sas/Sql, Sas/Stat, Sas/Graph, Sas/Ods & Sas/Macro. Must be willing to travel and/or relocate to work in unanticipated locations throughout the US. Send Resume to PVR Technologies, Inc, 501 Allendale RD, Ste 201, King Of Prussia, PA 19406.

Requirements: Master’s degree in Pharmacy, Regulatory Affairs with 2 years of experience in a job title with similar duties and skills.

Salary: $74,901/Year

Hours: 40 hours/week, Mon- Fri, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Job Location: PVR Technologies, 501 Allendale RD, Ste 201, King Of Prussia, PA 19406

How to Apply: Holly Brownback, HR Associate, Phone: 610-337-1935, Ext 22.